Untamed Wilderness

Now operating in Jordan

Untamed Wilderness

Now operating in Jordan


Welcome to SeaMonkey Expeditions, Jordan’s Premier Wildlife Experience!

At SeaMonkey Expeditions, we are dedicated to showcasing the remarkable wildlife of Jordan. Join us on an unforgettable journey to witness the Arabian oryx, stunning birds, graceful water buffaloes, and thriving marine life. Our passion for nature and commitment to responsible ecotourism ensure an extraordinary adventure you’ll cherish forever. Let us guide you through the untouched beauty of Jordan and its diverse ecosystems, while contributing to the conservation efforts that protect these precious species.

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Azraq, Jordan

3 Hrs

Group size: Min 3 - Max 14

Aqaba, Jordan

5 Hrs

Group size: No Minimum Required

Tafilah, Jordan

5 Hrs

Group size: Min 6 - Max 20


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Frequently Asked Questions

Spotting wildlife in any of the reserves is not guaranteed, the animals we set out to find roam free in wild and semi wild environments. However, we will ensure to maximize your chances of spotting these animals.

Jordan is home to vast wildlife, the country is a very important migratory route for many bird and marine species, the red sea is home to over 500 species of fish and other marine life, while Azraq hosts over 300 species of migratory birds. Apart from the vast Jordanian wilderness, at a SeaMonkey adventure, we maximize your chances of also spotting wildlife such as Arabian oryx, water buffaloes, raptors, sea turtles, reef fish, rock hyrax, desert foxes & Nubian ibex. Jordan is also home to rare animals, during our adventures we will also be on thrilling lookouts in Jordan’s wilderness, where elusive creatures like striped hyenas, sand cats, Eurasian badgers, and even majestic whale sharks dwell. Their shy and skittish nature adds a touch of mystery to the hunt, an adventure that, with a stroke of luck, could place you among the privileged few who’ve witnessed their enchanting presence.

Jordan’s best weather is during spring and fall. During spring, the greenery is at its highest level as well, however expeditions run all year long and wildlife can be spotted any time of the year. We recommend that you check any extreme conditions like rain, strong wind or sand storms prior to booking your flights as expeditions cannot operate under extreme conditions.